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The Best USA Apparel Gifts Shop & Collectibles

The Best USA Apparel Gifts Shop & Collectibles 

Promote you, and what you're doing online by emailing your new collectibles name, your product's id number, and date of purchase to smathisenterprise@yahoo, and my staff will create a showcase page that will promote you! High income tax payers who would enjoy keeping more money in 2017 (and beyond) might want to start collecting my framed autographed poetry art. Why mine? Because my autograph, alone, appraised at $350.00, Fair Market Value, in 2002, which can create a winwinwin, situation for everyone envolved. It's true. The advantage of collecting discounted appreciated art, is that, after 12 months, you can legally donate artwork to a public charity and deduct at least $350.00 per autographed item donated. Your 2002 appraisal certificate (copy) should be viable proof for any person inquiring. Having vowed, while incarcerated, to turn my life around, in 1987, and become a great man in American history many years, ago. I started observing thingsthinking about problems, and putting my thoughts on paper to share. Ideas that inspires major Who's Who bio publications to cite you should be donated to an appropriate museum, and I did that. However, it appears that my 1997-1998 literary donations were stolen out of the Dallas Historical Society's Library Archives, and information erased from its data base. Fortunately for me, I located 88 original handwritten documents of my evolution from 1987-88 that lead to me being the author of a seventy billion dollar startup nationwide permanent jobs creating plan known as, Project Safer America that search engines indexes in the #1 position of relevance. Being an ex-con, bi-polar schizophrenic, a historic poet by some, and a Navy veteran living on SSI, I know I've been marked by secrets, and lies

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