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"USA POET" Collectible Tennis Shoes - Stanley Mathis @ Wordpress - Revolutionary Poetry Art

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Stanley Mathis Custom Apparel Shop & Collectibles

Stanley Mathis Custom Apparel Shop & Collectibles 

Bonus! Black people are also treated like dogs in Israel. Why are Zionist Jews, Christians, and Texans hating on President Obama, and myself, whom they've incarcerated 3 times? Many have a false belief in that we think we're special, or something. I see nonbelievers are currently engaging in demonic Jesus hating. Brought to you by Stanley Mathis Enterprise Online, I am also offering small business owners the best text link advertising, as well as viable solutions for solving other problems, and, appraised framed poetry art collectibles. Builder of Stanley Mathis Custom Apparel Shop & Collectibles for young collectors seeking to purchase some collectible kind of mousepads, travel mugs, coasters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies to preserve for other collectors to purchase one day. And if you're tired of paying high income taxes year, after year, well, you should start collecting my appraised autographed poetry art. Why should you -- not really knowing anything about collecting -- collect the appraised autographed poetry art of this black unknown poet? Well, you might be surprised to learn, that, I am the poet who penned the America's Team poem that the world famous Dallas Cowboys sold throughout the pro shops, in 1997. With my bio listing in the 2002 edition of Marquis Who's Who in America, in 2002, I sought out, and received an appraisal of $350.00, Fair Market Value for my autograph, alone, on my poetry art, which I'm using to create a win, win, win, situation for you, me, and charities with a cause. The advantage of collecting discounted appreciated autographed poetry art, is that, after 12 months, you can  donate one, two, three, or more, to a public charity and deduct at least $350.00 per autographed collectible donated. Your 2002 appraisal certificate (copy) will be viable proof for anyone inquiring. Be sure to register your collectibles

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