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You want to make history with me at this place where educated shoppers can cash-in on collectible usa tennis shoes, custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, as well as appraised autographed poetry prints co-designed by someone who cared enough about the future of his country to offer our landlords a nationwide permanent jobs creating plan, the web's best plan that secures the super information highway, a process that secures debit card purchases, and the web's best plan for our nation's homeless.


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Brought to you by the great, great, grandson of a retail merchant, high income tax payers interested in keeping more of your money should collect my framed autographed poems in a niche market where the autograph, alone, of this poet artist appraised at $350.00, Fair Market Value, in 2002. Now that will create a win, win, win, situation for everyone every year. How?



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The advantage of collecting my poetry art, is that, after 12 months, the collector can donate, if he or she chooses to, my signed artworks to public charities and deduct at least $300.00 per signed item donated. Prior appraisals makes it happen for you. And your donations will be a blessing to others.


Stanley Mathis


Interesting Facts Surrounding Stanley Mathis

Blessed, and despised by the ruling families on the earth for my religious belief, I am the inspiration for the movies, Book Of Eli, Hancock, Eagle Eye, Transformers, The Adjustment Bureau, Traitor, Harry Potter's The Deathly Hallows, and a few others. While our black brothers work with Catholics, I see, and hear the arrogance of Hollywood executives, writers, and directors, boasting about the coming death of this descendant of black Hebrew Israelites, I pray they can muster up the courage to speak of our rich heritage in world history.



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A Navy man for 1 month, in 1974, at age 17, I was cleverly railroaded out on an Honorable Discharge Under General Medical Conditions. I buried my mother in 2001, chose to live with the homeless while working on my projects in the library, a Hispanic brother informed me that I had Vietnam Era G.I. Benefits. I was told I didn't in the Navy. Marked? Yes.And like so many of us descendants of slaves, I was marked by racist religious leaders their Anti-Christ, and I'm currently being setup in Dallas, Texas. Remember Newt being the arch of heaven? Our God is the Spirit that even the Egyptians worshiped in His temple He refers to as His house. Remember Horus? 2 Samuel 7:5-7 (NKJV) is an acknowledgment of His Spirit coming out of Egypt, the house of slavery.


Texas conspirators make believe that Dallas is Egypt. In their mind, and wicked belief, there are "two black kings" whom the world religious leaders seek to murder. Because my zip code ends with the number 33, a symbol of death for honest black men, some chosen Texas politicians even created a NEW CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 33. The assassination of J.F.K. inspired it all in their wicked hearts.


My father died on December 4th, 2005, and the next day they released me from incarceration, but too early. By selling 148 black "Imitation Lacquer" framed copies of my poem, America's Team, throughout his pro shops, in 1997, Jerry Jones, I realize, now, marked me with the unlucky number 13. How, the number 13? Well, I figure 1+4+8=13. No one buys. And people are stealing.


To assure that I receive my portion from shady partners I've worked with in the past, my new proposal requires that I ask you to register your purchases that many who live to hate would like to see disappear off the face of the earth. Understanding how rare this offer is, preserve your collectibles by Stanley Mathis, and the satanic ones who feel I'm not worthy will pay good money for them. Like magic, SpreadShirt, and corporate friends, plan to erase my name, and contributions out of the pages of American history. "BUFF!" You have the power.


Stanley Mathis Enterprise Online

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Read Stanley Mathis' Poems


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I had a 60 day experience with the Holy Spirit in July of 2007, and know, now, that, Yeshua, is His real name, but it's hated because He was marked as Anti-Christ 666, and hanged from a tree

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