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"Keep your eye on the clock, pal!," is what our New York ad executives are instructing me to do in their latest truck commercial, but why? Warring Jews, and Christians wanting to harm the poor are speaking in this 7th year to me, who is neither Jewish, or Christian. There's too much hating on black people. I don't like evil ways neither.


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While I receive many requests from charity organizations, believing, I'm wealthy, or something, and haters of black literary history laugh all the way to bank about the Naga who haven't earned $200.00 in over 26 years, in the country I love, called, America, I want to invite you to promote yourself, and your web page by submitting a digital photo of you wearing, holding, or displaying products offered by yours truly, Stanley Mathis. I will only need your name, or your business name, the name of the purchased product, a small description of you, and your FriendFeed, BlogSpot, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Site, or your business web address to:


Being an SSI recipient, I can't believe the threatening subliminal messages targeting me in the Ford Truck commercials these days, as well as from many other television ads, because, I came forth to publish the experience I had with the Holy Spirit, twenty two months after doing 18 months state jail time, in McKinney, Texas from February 2004 until December 5th, 2005. Because I came forth with what God's Spirit gave me to share, I have web pages indexed in search engines #1 position of relevance (below the paying ads they try to fool you with) when unique shoppers search for ......


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Minimal Sporty Low Cut by Stanley Mathis Men's Classic Sneaker Boots by Stanley Mathis


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Historic in their own right, "USA POET" dress collectible tennis sneakers are in a league of their own, and they have enabled this store to be listed #1 in Google when searching for "appraised autograph on tennis shoes".


And when you wear them, everyone will all ask, "Are you a poet?" You, the poet will say, "Yes." And then they'll ask, "Are they as rare as some Air Jordan's?" You respond by saying, "You bet they are!" The state is currently the largest holder of my authentic autograph, which has(twice in 12 years) been appraised. Now, in my going public with signing items I personally design, myself, when you combine the rarity of the designer's autograph with that designer being the poet who penned America's Team, the poem, for the world famous Dallas Cowboys Football Club that Jerry Jones sold throughout his pro shops, in 1997, even, beginner collectors should know that the longer you preserve sneakers I designed in somewhat good condition, the more valuable they become, especially, with my autograph on them.


Preserve your autographed tennis shoes for at least 13 months, you can donate my autographed tennis shoes to charity for an I.R.S. income tax deduction that keeps more money in your household, and you help public charities.


You Pay Return Postage! I Will Autograph Your Sneakers! Send Your (insured) Sneakers To:

Stanley Mathis

3360 Shady Hollow Lane

Dallas, Texas 75233

Any Questions?


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The Best Usa Apparel Gifts Shop

The Best Usa Apparel Gifts Shop 

Poet designs rare collectible tennis shoes that he autographs on request. Collect framed autographed poetry art by Stanley Mathis, his poems on t-shirts, sweatshirts, drinking mugs, tote bags, and more. Join his collectors registry! 

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