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Inspired by our world's great living poets desire to have poetry accepted as fine art, my poetry arts collection, entitled, America's Team, My Sweet Wonder, My First Love, The U.S. of A. Flag, and The U.S. of A. Liberty poetry art prints, in 2013, when I offer autographed Limited Edition 24x30 inch sizes, appraised at $200.00 Fair Market Value, and received a Replacement Cost of $400.00, by WhatsItWorthToYou.Com, now, ValueMyStuff.Com.


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Though not famous, I am a celebrated three times felon with a little history of drawing a check, now living on SSI, and author of Google's #1 blog on topics about the best permanent jobs creating plans, securing the super information highway, and indexed #1 in Bing on topics about best fundraising program for nonprofits, best plan for our nation's homeless as well as free gifts shops with merchant accounts . I'm not very smart, and couldn't do all of this without the Holy Spirit, and some very fair open minded individuals unknown to me. But there are, still, some folks not so forgiving about what God has done for us through a reject like me.


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Being the poet who penned America's Team, the poem, that the world famous Dallas Cowboys Football Club sold in small frames throughout the pro shops pro shops, in 1997, I believe there are some great (unknown) poets in the United States of America, both female, and male, who don't even know they are a poet. And then there are those who are poets, and know it.


I didn't know I was such a good poet, but search engines are listing my web pages in the #1 position of relevance on the keywords, " appraised patriotic art on canvas, appraised usa art on canvas, best usa poetry art, best first love poems on canvas, appraised love poems on canvas, appraised poetry art posters, appraised sweet wonder framed prints," and many others, below. God, and His chosen people are fair. Join the revolution that is poetry art. Become a collector of products created by Stanley Mathis Enterprise Online.



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Expresses Patriotic Love 4 Country Via Appraised Poetry On Canvases


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