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Collect Fine Autographed Poetry Art

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The Teacher Who Taught In 60 Days

Are you a high income earner? You should start collecting, and donating a niche market autograph. In 2002, Stanley Mathis, America's Team poet, and author of a permanent nationwide jobs creating plan, as well as a plan managing our homeless population, sought out, and received an appraisal of $350.00, Fair Market Value with a Replacement Value of $600.00 for his autograph on 24 x 30 inch "limited edition" poetry art prints. A Who's Who in America, Stanley Mathis is able to offer a win, win, win, situation for savvy collectors, his causes, and charities with a cause. Rare signatures are valuable securities that can benefit your bottom line. Collect, donate, and deduct the Fair Market Value of an appraised autograph. Are you an online marketer?


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Stanley Mathis Custom Apparel Gifts Shop & Collectibles 

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